Cassandra (Boss Lady)

MINI BIO: Cassandra is the owner of Pole Fanatics and has been dancing ever since she was old enough to move her feet. She has trained in almost all styles of dance, her biggest love being for hip hop until she found pole back in 2003. She became a latin ballroom dance teacher by day and nightclub freestyle podium dancer by night after graduating high school then started Pole Fanatics in 2006. She has performed on stage with many international music acts both here in Australia and overseas and still keeps up her love for the stage as a principal dancer in the Australian Michael Jackson Tribute Show.

POLE STRENGTHS: Strength is Cassandras biggest hand in pole and she shares her secrets to all over awesome muscles in her additional fitness classes, Pole Fit and Booty Camp.

FAVOURITE THINGS: Adventures, Laughing, All Things Scary and Bed Time

WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR IN HER CLASSES: Cassandra laughs way too much in classes and everyone’s videos of their pole work has her cackling in the background!


Clare (aka Gumby- Currently expecting bubs #1 in March!)

MINI BIO: Clares whole life has been dedicated to the arts of any form! She took countless dance classes during her schooling before finally being set free to study full time dance, join a cover band as a singer, perform in many plays, become a member of a burlesque troupe and also squeeze in being a nightclub podium dancer. This is where her and Cassandra met and decided she ought to try her hand at pole dancing which she was irritatingly amazing at aswell! Whilst Clare has since slowed down on performing in every circuit in Melbourne since starting to teach pole, she still works in theatre, is doing her PHD in the arts and just completed an intensive 1 year course studying pilates.

POLE STRENGTHS: We call Clare Gumby because it sometimes seems like she has no bones at all! Her stretchiness is incredible and allows her to pull off pole moves most of us will only get to dream about doing.

FAVOURITE THINGS: Funny Conversations, Surprises, Good Coffee and British Blue Cats

WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR IN HER CLASSES: Clare is an absolute stickler for pretty feet. Learn how to point them fast or risk hearing “point your toes” 20 times every class!

** We are so excited to meet mini Clare in March 2016! Clare will be back to classes after she gets settled in as a new mummy **


Tristan (Taylor Grace)

MINI BIO: Tristan, aka Taylor Grace, is a world famous professional pole dancer who travels the world teaching her signature tricks and mentoring other pole dancers who are entering the performance and competition stages of pole.  Tristan won Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2010/11 and then came second runner up in Miss Pole Dance Australia but it was her Grease routine from both competitions that put her on the map of world wide known pole athletes. Tristan is no longer teaching weekly group classes but she is available for private lessons for pole dancers wanting to compete, perform or learn her signature tricks. Please contact us at the studio to book a private with Tristan!

POLE STRENGTHS: Her completely insane strength and super human talent for inventing new tricks and combinations has the rest of us jealous all day, every day!

FAVOURITE THINGS: Fitness, Travelling, Surfing and Cheesecake

WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR IN HER CLASSES: Tristan doesn’t mess around when it comes to pole dancing! Come to your private ready to be pushed to the absolute limit of what is scientifically possible for a person to do!


Maria (Burlesque Ballerina)

MINI BIO: Maria is originally from California where she went to University to do her Bachelors in Dance and work the audition scene, landing dancing and acting jobs alongside many of the famous cheoreographers and actors in Los Angeles. She moved to Melbourne 5 years ago where she took an immediate liking to burlesque, contortion, acrobatics and pole dancing to add to her already busy dance resume of ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop. Maria keeps up her passion for all things dance at her own dance studio, 8 Count Dance, just around the corner from our studio!

POLE STRENGTHS: Flexibility and grace are Maria’s strong suit in pole and you can check it out for yourself in one of her Spin or Stretch & Flex classes.

FAVOURITE THINGS: Romance, Handstands, Her Friends and the Colour Pink

WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR IN HER CLASSES: Maria is very big on the splits and getting everyone flat, then to an over split! If you like flexy pole moves and bending into cool shapes, you’ll be in the right class with Maria.


Laura (She’s Back!!!)

MINI BIO: Laura was fresh out of studying 3 years of full time dance in jazz, ballet, hip hop, musical theater and contemporary when she started pole training and was a natural at it. Her years of experience teaching kids dance classes and performing as a Melbourne Storm Cheerleader translated perfectly into the world of teaching pole dance for fitness. We are very lucky to have Laura as she is often overseas sharing her talents. Whether it be doing 2 weeks of intensive workshops with world famous chereographers in LA or performing in a stage show with a world wide cast of dancers in Turkey, Laura loves dancing her way around the globe.

POLE STRENGTHS: Pole acrobatics is where Laura really shines from the rest of our team! Where others might be scared to flip, tumble or drop on the pole, Laura can make it look easy.

FAVOURITE THINGS: Summer Time, The Beach, Playsuits and Glitter

WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR IN HER CLASS: Laura loves to give out stickers to her students who achieve something awesome in class! Afterall, there’s nothing more motivating than a gold star sticker!


Kylie (Aerial All Star)


MINI BIO: Kylie was a pole instructor many moons ago when Pole Fanatics first started and then decided to persue other aerial arts. But she’s back to pole now,  as well as continuing on her love for all things aerial doing hoops, silks and trapeze. Kylie has also trained in many different genres of dance whilst studying dance in high school before working the nightclub podium dancer circuit when graduating. This is where she also picked up a big interest in music and has since become a well known Melbourne DJ, KC Lily. You can hear plenty of her music in our studio being played for warm ups, through out our additional fitness classes and all through Show Case season!

POLE STRENGTHS: With all of her additional aerial training, Kylie can pick up new skills on the pole at lightning speed with her awesome muscle awareness and understanding of how moves are broken down.

FAVOURITE THINGS: Motorbikes, Fireworks, Zombies & Unicorns

WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR IN HER CLASSES: Kylie does great energentic warm ups with random twerking and all kinds of fun surprises to get your blood pumping!