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Level 1: BASIC 1

BASIC 1 POLE DANCING COURSEIf you’ve never tried pole dancing for fitness before our Basic 1 course is your first stop. There’s no previous experience in anything required and you certainly don’t have to be a certain age, size or fitness level to get started. If you think you don’t have any upper body strength or co ordination (as people often do), it’s not a problem! Over 8 weeks we will work on getting you stronger in the arms, legs and core with tricks, spins, drills and dance routines that are so much fun it hardly seems like exercise at all!   Price: $180for a full 8 week course


Level 2: BASIC 2

BASIC 2So you’ve decided pole dancing is for you. That’s great news! Basic 2 has harder variations of the tricks and spins you learned in Basic 1 and lots of cool new ones as well to start getting you comfortable with being a bit more acrobatic and aerial on the pole. We’ll step up your routine difficulty and strengthening so you can really start to see how strong your getting!   Price: $210 for a full 8 week course

Level 3: DELUXE


Deluxe is where you’ll really start to see the benefits of all that strengthening work you’ve been doing! We’re going to start getting really impressive photos of us hanging from the pole with just our thighs and all sorts of things (great for Instagram)! It’s all about lifting and holding your own body weight with amazing new spins, tricks and challenging routines. Time to really start enjoying what your new muscles can do!   Price: $210 for a full 8 week course






INTENSIVE POLE DANCING COURSEYou must really be in love with pole dancing now if you’ve made it this far and it’s probably hard to believe that you were ever a nervous beginner who didn’t think they would be able to do a simple Fireman! In your first level of Intermediate pole dancing we’ll be learning lots of gorgeous aerial inverted tricks and taking our pole abilities to the next level of awesomeness. Be prepared for all new bruises in brand new places!    Price: $210 for a full 8 week course


ULTIMATE POLE DANCING COURSEIt’s time to get acrobatic with your pole dancing! Ultimate is our level where each week starts to feel less like a pole class and more like a circus training as we’ll learn to drop, flip, roll, jump and twist our way in and out of daring tricks and complicated spins. Put your co ordination and bravery to the test with a whole new level of fun with your training!    Price: $210 for a full 8 week course

Level 6: EXTREME

EXTREME POLE DANCING COURSEIn our graduating Intermediate level course, you’ll get a taste of what Advanced Pole Dancing is going to be like. We’ll introduce you to extreme aerial combinations, different styles of climbing and plenty of brand new tricks and spins that will have you leaving class each week feeling sweaty, accomplished and super excited to get back to the pole next week!    Price: $210 for a full 8 week course





DOMINANT POLE DANCING COURSEOur first Advanced course is a big step up in the world of impressive tricks and displays of strength on the pole. Here is where your true dedication to pole training will be put through it’s paces! Learn to climb the pole in reverse, hang by one foot and hold yourself upside down on the pole with no arms or legs. Every week there is a new level of awesome to reach and you won’t believe what your actually capable of now!     Price: $210 for a full 8 week course!    Pr


Level 8: MAXIMUM

MAXIMUM POLE DANCING COURSEIt’s going to be all about learning harder variations of higher Intermediate level tricks, fantastic and ultra challenging full routines and working twice as hard on your flexibility to prepare for the upcoming bendy tricks in the higher levels. Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly develop muscles in any more places, we show you a few new ones that we haven’t needed until now!   Price: $210for a full 8 week course


PERFECTION POLE DANCING COURSEThis is the level where you’ll really need to have the splits to back up your strength as we’ll be twisting ourselves into some great tricks that can only be done with great lines and flat splits! We’ll also introduce you to a new grip that will open up a whole new world of groovy tricks and possibilities.     Price: $210 for a full 8 week course


Level 10: APEX

APEX POLE DANCING COURSEYour almost there! Almost to the highest level of pole dancing training you can achieve at Pole Fanatics! Apex is our last Advanced level and definitely the biggest challenge. It’s 8 weeks jam packed with incredible tricks, drops, inverts and flexiness! It’s the most fun and rewarding exercise class you will ever take. There’s no stopping you now from becoming a fully fledged pole dancing machine!   Price: $210 for a full 8 week course







MASTERCLASS PREP POLE DANCING COURSEYou’ve done it! You’ve achieved Masterclass status! I bet you never thought you would make it this far on your first ever night of class. You’ll soon learn that Masterclass has it’s name for a reason. You’ll need the right strength, cardio fitness and flexibility to achieve the jaw dropping feats of defying gravity that are involved. So in Masterclass Prep we’ll work very hard every week at getting you to that level.     Price: $210 for a full 8 week course



MASTERCLASS POLE DANCING COURSEYou are now at our absolute highest peak of pole dancing for fitness! Class now goes for an extra half hour so you can fit in all the intense training every week. You should be very proud of yourself, you’ve come a long way! Pole is not just your exercise now but a way of life. Congratulations! And now to let the serious fun begin…    Price: $210 for a full 8 week course



SPIN POLE DANCING COURSESSpin Pole Dancing may sound like regular pole dancing but it is actually completely different. Spinning poles turn on their own so it requires totally different strength, grace, co ordination and control over the pole. This is why you need to have completed atleast up to a Basic 2 level (or it’s equivalent at another studio) to start spin pole dancing classes. Spin Pole has 7 levels, Beginner 1 & 2, Intermediate 1 & 2, Advanced 1 & 2 and Open Spin. We highly recommend taking a spin pole course at the same time as a static pole course to get the full pole dancing experience and the benefits of both forms of training.    Price: All Spin Course are $210 for a full 8 week course


Aerial Hoops ClassesAerial Hoops are so much fun and an incredible upper body workout! If you have ever dreamed of being in the circus, this is definitely the exercise that you’ll be excited to do every week. You wouldn’t believe how many things you can do with one circle and your own muscles. Our Beginners 1 Aerial Hoops course requires no previous experience in any type of aerial training at all and don’t worry if you think you’re not strong enough to lift yourself up or flexible enough to do the splits because the whole point is to work hard to get you there!   Price: All of our Aerial Hoops courses are $210 for a full 8 week course


Silks CoursesSilks is our newest course available at Pole Fanatics and we think you’re going to find it just as much fun as we do! Learn how to tie yourself up in the air in beautiful shapes, exhilirating drops and amazing feats of strength with our circus grade silks. As with all of our aerial beginners courses, you don’t need any experience or be of any fitness level to get started on learning this gorgeous skill. You just need a sense of adventure and a little bit of bravery to begin building those muscles!   Price: All of our Silks courses are $210for a full 8 week course


POLE FIT COURSEPole Fit is our most popular additional fitness class as it’s a great way to improve both your strength and flexibility, whether your doing a pole dancing course or not! It begins with half an hour of strengthening using the pole and finishes with half an hour of intense stretching. There are no tricks, spins or dance routines taught in our Pole Fit class so any skill level can take the class and get a great all over body workout.   Price: $120 for a full 8 week course or $18 for a casual class



STRETCH & FLEX COURSEStretch & Flex combines different stretching techniques from all different forms of exercise such as yoga, pilates, ballet, tai chi, circus contortion and of course, pole dancing. It’s the ideal class for anyone wanting to drastically improve their flexibility and lines with the pole or just for general fitness and well being. It can be taken by all levels of fitness and flexbility as the exercises are varied for all abilities and skill sets. Although Stretch & Flex is a mostly floor based work out, it will still get you sweating and working hard and is the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work!    Price: $60 for a 4 week course or $18 for a casual class



BOOTY CAMP CLASSESBooty Camp is our toughest additional class and everyone’s favourite! It’s exactly like doing a personal training session at the gym only in a fun group enviroment. It begins with super sets and relays and then finishes with a circuit using lots of fun equipment like boxing bags, hula hoops, chairs, weights, skipping ropes and of course the pole. The work out changes every single week so it keeps your body guessing and gives you different challenges that will get you better results faster!   Price: $10 for a casual class (not available to buy as a course)