At Pole Fanatics we are fanatical about pole dancing and pretty much anything that makes you fitter, stronger, more flexible and is crazy fun to do!

So many people think of exercise as being boring and too hard which is why they don’t make time for it or stick to any plans to do it but exercise doesn’t have to be something to dread. If you’re moving, your exercising! So it’s just as simple as finding something to do off the couch that is fun and worth the effort! If you look forward to your weekly work out, your much more likely to stick with it and get results so that’s why we created Pole Fanatics.

All of our pole dancing, aerial hoops, silks, acro, stretching and flexibility and alternative fitness classes, workshops and excursions are designed to make you completely forget you’re even doing exercise and just focus on having fun, experiencing new things and hanging out with friends. If you never become a world famous pole dancing star, who cares? Fantastic if you do but if you’re just looking for a friendly, non judgemental, super fun place to come work out each week, take your mind off whatever else is going on at work and home and try all kinds of different activities with awesome people, we’re here to help you with that goal too!

Our Studio

We have a big aerial room with 11 poles, 6 hoops and 4 silks plus a small pole room with 5 student poles at our studio in Collingwood. The small pole room has x3 45mm stainless steel poles, x1 48mm stainless steel pole and x1 50mm stainless steel pole whilst the big room has x2 50mm stainless steel poles, x2 38 mm Brass poles and x7 45mm stainless steel poles. Our hoops and silks are all proper, certified circus grade equipment and rigging so you can be sure you’re completely safe with the highest quality. Both rooms have full length wall to wall mirrors (our big room has wall to ceiling mirrors too) and floating floor boards.

We are conveniently located just at the end of the Eastern Freeway so you can catch us on your way out of the city or not get stuck in main road traffic coming from the outer suburbs. We are also directly across the road from the awesome ‘Easeys’ Burger Bar where you can grab a burger in their roof top train (yep, there’s a train on their roof), have a drink at their bar or enjoy some raw vegan food at their Fare cafe if you don’t want to undo all the good work you just did in class!




Our Instructors

We have 7 awesome instructors at Pole Fanatics who all come from completely different backgrounds in dancing, fitness and performance. We never hold auditions for our team because we believe that being an instructor is not just about being able to dance or stretch, it’s also about having the right personality and attitude to keep the atmosphere at our studio completely free of judgement and to make our students laugh and have a great time!

Why Pole Fanatics


You certainly are spoiled for choice of where to go to try pole fitness in Melbourne so why choose us? We are not a franchised studio and never will be because we want to always be able to know every single one of our students names, design our classes every week to cater to each of the students taking part and keep creating a space for people to not just work out but make life long new friends. We still have the big name industry instructors, the pretty studio and the high poles too but we pride ourselves on attracting the funniest, nicest and easiest to get along with students and connecting them with similar personalities to enjoy exercise and all the other crazy things we get up to outside the studio (and in)!